Saturday, December 31, 2011

..The Last Day in 2011..

It’s Saturday, 31 December, and I woke up exactly at 10:00 AM, hehe…. completely a sleeping-beauty-girl (*0*). It’s one of my bad habits actually, sleeping too much just like a baby. I know, I must change this bad habit, seriously…. *note: reduce sleeping --> my first resolution for year 2012 :)*

a cup of choco milk, a red apple, and couple slices of toast breads

Btw, I don’t have any plan for celebrating the New Year night, because this evening ‘till tomorrow early morning, I must stand-by at the office with some teammates. We have to keep monitor the SMS traffic and make sure everything works fine during New Year night peak traffic.

So… before going to the office at evening, this afternoon I’ll just stay in my room and reading new magazines bought couple days ago, Elle and Chic magz. I also have a new novel bought last weekend and still not finish reading it yet. It’s novel by Indi with title “Karena Cinta itu Sempurna…”.

About the magazines, to be honest, I bought them just because I was interested by the bonus, hehe... There’s a style agenda 2012 from Elle and a cute mouse-pad from Chic. I plan to give the mouse-pad to my friend who just bought a new Mazda2 car. Hope he like it. And for the novel, I was curious to read it after I did several times blog walking to Indi’s blog (

Oh yeah, below is the google doodle for "Happy New Year 2012", so colourful :)


Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a halfday holiday, but... *-^

A surprising happy email arrived in our inbox exactly at 11:00 with subject “TAHUN BARU 2012” (New Year 2012), from our Internal Communication division. The subject was not surprising at all, but the content was :). All employees were soooo happy once they read it. Why?? Because the email informed that today, 30 December 2011, the company would give work dispensation for a half day. Meaning? We can go home at 11:30 AM (^o^).

that HAPPY email... :)

No doubt, surprisingly happy news for us! However, it didn’t work for me and some other employees who still have many things to do. For me and some teammates, we have to prepare many things for New Year night. One critical example is to prepare SMS-related things, such as rerouting and rebalancing SMS traffic, and retry scheme adjustment. Simply said, we have to arrange many things so that during New Year evening and night, the SMS traffic is still working properly and the performance can be maintained well. Why we have to treat New Year night so special? Because during this period, especially from 31 Dec evening around 5 PM ‘til 1 Jan early day (3 AM), the SMS traffic will increase much much higher than in normal condition. Besides New Year night, this kind of special treatment is also performed during Lebaran period.

keep HAPPY with my teammates... SMS-ers, 30 Dec 2011 ^^
 Yup, that’s only one example of how usually “network guys” being busy during peak season such as New Year and Lebaran. I’m sure, there are also other teams who have the same ‘condition’ like us. However, it’s not a big deal, I think… As long as we enjoy our job and do it happily… holiday in the office can be so much FUN as well! And we do it to keep the network and service performance in good condition and to give best service to the customer, so everybody can be happy… ^^

-written at the office,  during my lunch break-

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2, Dunia Fantasi, and Laskar Pelangi Musical

What I’ve done during the last 3 days of weekend and Christmas holiday (Saturday to Monday, 24-26 Dec) were:
1. Watching “Sherlock Holmes 2” movie
2. Deleting and removing some unimportant photos from this blog :)
3. Having fun and exploring “Dunia Fantasi (Dufan)” amusement park
4. Watching the theatrical show of “Musikal Laskar Pelangi”

Number 2 was not important at all, so I’m not gonna write it here, hehe :p. Delete, remove, and done! No need to remember it anymore ^^. Number 1, 3, and 4 were really fun and entertained me so much. That’s why I’m gonna share the stories here.

In Saturday evening, I watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie, A Game of Shadows. Along with my officemate Rini and her sister, I watched it at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia. At the first couple minutes, the movie was a little bit confusing for me, but then… I finally could understand its story; exactly the same as when I watched its first movie in 2010 (same, confusing, haha.. :P). Among other reasons, I always want to see Sherlock Holmes movie because the scenes shows many places around London (old London exactly), such as Baker Street, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and many other places that remind me of London, hehe. Really want to go there again, someday… ^0^.

the tickets
In Sunday, I didn’t go out, except doing the not-so important number 2 above. Yup… not important at all, but I had to do it! Sometimes there's something that must be DELETED and REMOVED from our life ^^.

And today Monday, my office made it as a Christmas holiday for all employees. So, although I’m not a Christian and not celebrating Cristmas, I got it as a fully holiday, yaaayyy!!! happy :). Since I didn’t have any specific plan to do, I agreed when some of my officemates asked me to go out to to Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy Land) amusement park. We went there in the morning, arrived at around 9 AM (the park opens from 10 AM), and left the park at around 6.30 PM. We rode 6 rides & attraction called Ontang-Anting, Pontang-Pontang, Hysteria, Kicir-Kicir, Alap-Alap, Kora-Kora, and Merry Go Round. For me, the most interesting ones were Kicir-Kicir and Kora-Kora, hehe… love them so much! And Merry Go Round was a nice choice for “cooling down” after riding those “hot” attractions, hehehee….

Me, HAVING FUN with officemates: Laura, Rini, Deni, and Feri
(some photos are taken from Rini's camera)

The last time I went to DuFan was about 4 years ago in 2007. But, the last amusement park I visited was in November 2009, when I went to “Thorpe Park” in Surrey - UK. In year 2004, I also had a great chance to experience one amusement park located in Yokomaha – Japan called “Hakkeijima Sea Paradise”. Yup, I love so much Amusement Parks and Water Parks! And more special, I really really love the “terrifying and insane fun” ridings. Crazy meeeee.... \(^o^)/.

photo's captured by Rini

By the way, there’s something very special for this time Dufan visit. You know what? It’s the show of very famous and amazing theatrical show of “Musikal Laskar Pelangi”. And the show is free for Dufan visitors. Great, isn’t it? This musical theatrical show is available in Dufan from 24 Dec 2011 til 7 Jan 2012.

Since tonight I’m too tired, I’ll upload some of the photos of today “HAVING FUN MOMENT” later. Now I have to sleep, coz tomorrow morning the office is waiting for me, hehe ;).
(the photos here are uploaded in 30 Dec).

O yeah, before finishing this writing, I want to post this one simple sentence: “Don't waste our time to prioritize the people who don’t prioritize us in their life”. Some may agree with this, some may not :). It’s only my personal opinion that came up from my personal experience as well, so it’s ok if some people don’t agree. This (bad) experience is really a valuable learning for me, for my life. I don't regret it, and I try to take its positive side. Remember… life should be colorful, so don’t ever worry (to) be happy! (*0^)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Google Doodle Happy Holiday (*o*)

Hey guys…. Have you seen the Google doodle of today? :)
It’s really really cool, cute, and interactive. This is the Happy Holidays Google doodle made up of holiday symbols, i.e. snowflake, santa, bell, snowman, candle and a gift box, with black background. The Google logo appears behind the holiday icons. Behind those icons, there are 6 glowing buttons that each button will play a sound from the jingle bells’ music note, if we click on it.
Here are all pictures, from the beginning and one by one after we click each button J. Hehe… so cute, isn’t it?
Happy Weekend & Holiday to all of you, guys....
Wishing you have a great time with your family and friends ^0^.  

This Saturday i plan to watch the "Sherlock Holmes" movie at blitz megaplex, in Grand Indoensia. And after that, go to a salon to get my hair cut :). It's been more than 3 months i didn't have it cut, hehe...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy 47th B'Day Eddie... ^^

Happy B'day Eddie Vedder...
Keep Rockin' and Stay Grunge!

(Eddie Vedder, vocalist of Pearl Jam,  one of my favourite 90's rock bands. He was born on 23 Dec 1964.
I love the band, the music, the songs, and also Eddie personally, hehe... ^^.
Here's one of Pearl Jam's live video for the song "Alive", taken from youtube )

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mama... We Love You!

MAMA... We Love You So Much!
Happy Mother Day... (^o^)

~from your girls~
22 Dec 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ikuze and Holycow!

Heeeeeeyy... :)
I wanna share two culinary places that I just visited for the first time within this week. First, a Japanese restaurant called Ikuze, and second a restaurant with specialty in steak called Steak Hotel by Holycow!

As mentioned in previous writing,I went hangout last Saturday at Epicentrum Walk with my friend, and we had a lunch at Ikuze restaurant. The complete name of this restaurant is “Ikuze Japanese Food Bazaar”.  Literally, “Ikuze” means “come on over” (

The interior design of Ikuze is really lovely, as lovely as the foods :). We ordered Salmon Sashimi for the appetizer, Beef Tepanyaki and Tempura Yoshi Udon for the main meals, Strawberry Cheese Cream and Chocolate cake for the dessert, and hot green tea for the drink. Total price for those foods were about IDR 320,000. However, since we use BNI credit card for the payment, we only need to pay half of it, hehe… We’re so lucky, right? (^o^). They said that currently they have several promotions with some credit cards’ banks, and the discount is up to 50% for food and beverages.

Here are some pictures I took at Ikuze.

The cute exterior and interior design of Ikuze resto

Our meals :)

One ebi tempura left.. :P

Strawberry Cheese Cream
Next, the Hotel Steak by Holycow!

It’s been long time I heard the popularity of this steak restaurant, and finally… yesterday afternoon I had a change to come here for lunch, with my officemates. We had to wait for about 1 hour before we got table and seats. Yeah, it’s really really full here, just as people said J.

The Holycow! in Jl. Bakti No. 15, Senopati, Jakarta

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday Hangout, Jember Fashion Carnival, and Fireworks!

It is now 2 weeks to the end of 2011.
November and December have been really tough for me, emotionally. Something bad and sad has been ruining my life lately. And as a normal human, a small sadness sometimes makes me forget the great happiness I have, and makes me forget to be grateful and thankful to God, for all of His blessings to me.

Fortunately, when there’s a friend who really cares of us, he/she will remind us that “our world is not end yet” and he/she will make us realize that “when God closes one door, He will open another door for us, the BETTER one”.

Yup, it feels so GREAT that when we are sad, feeling so bad, feeling so down, then… one of our best friends, who is long-time-no-see for more than a half year, suddenly comes in front of us. He/she then cheers us up, gives us advices on the problem that we’re facing, supports us to keep moving on, and also accompanies us to have a walk and go hang-out. Even though he/she’s able to be with us only for couple hours or couple days, it is really meaningful.

We want to say thousands of THANKS to him/her, but sometimes we’re so speechless and we can’t even say this one meaningful word in front of his/her face. And also, when there’s a time for us to say “See you later…”, our heart actually says different sentences “Please don’t go now, please stay until my sadness gone…”. Then we cry silently, in our heart, and we try as hard as possible to hold our tears not to come out.

Hmm... those 4 pharagraphs seem showing that i'm completely in sadness at this moment, haha.. :P. It's not really that bad actually. What i need right now is just controlling my emotion :). So, oke guys,  enough for the “mellow” part, hehe… Let me continue this writing with something fun and happy (^o^).

It’s about last Saturday story, when I went out with one of my close friends. The last time we met was about 7 months ago; and if I calculate, it’s only about 4 times that we had met in the last 2 years. He works for an oil company in Balikpapan, and this time, he came to Jakarta for a short transit before he goes to his home town somewhere in Sumatra, to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his family. We’re close friend since we were together in Tokyo - Japan for 1 year, attending international exchange study from Oct 2003 to Sept 2004. After finishing our study in Japan, we met very very rarely, not more than twice in a year J.
Last Saturday, we spent almost 10 hours outside and go hangout to Epicentrum Walk and Central Park  mall. Yup, 10 hours, from noon 'til midnite, hehe... We’re so lucky that there were so many cool events held around Jakarta during last weekend. We started our hangout at around 1 PM, in Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Ikuze,  did window shopping, took some cool photos, and also watched a fashion carnival called Jember Fashion Carnival.  

Me, at Ikuze Restaurant
Jember Fashion Carnival

Jember Fashion Carnival
(i took it far away, using my mobile camera, so the picture quality wasn't good)

The cute interior of "Makeniko" shop at Epi-Walk

Some cute stuffs we found at Epicentrum Walk :)
Btw, I really love the "Mushola" or praying room at Epi-Walk floor 2, where I did my Ashar and Maghrib prayings. The mushola room is very large, clean, and comfortable with AC. It's as comfortable as the one in Senayan City. As we know, not all of the malls or shopping centers in Jakarta have a very comfortable praying room for their visitors; and I'm really disappointed to those malls’ owners who didn't pay attention on it :(.

When I was doing my Maghrib praying for about half hour, my friend was waiting for me by having some drinks in the bar called Liquid Exchange. Yup, our belief and religion is different, but we can be close friends for a very long time (almost 11 years til now), and we always respect each other in our friendship. That’s the beauty of real friendship… ^^.

At 6.30 PM, we left Epi-Walk, and continue our hangout to Central Park in Tanjung Duren area. We went there using taxi. When we arrived at Central Park, we're so surprised coz there were so many people gather near a very huge glittering Xmas tree. After we asked some people and also read the event information, we found out that there would be a live music and firework show. Wow! We’re so lucky to come there at that night ^^. As usual, in celebrating Xmas and New Year, all of the malls or shopping centers in Jakarta always decorate the malls with very interesting xmas tree completed with some cute ornaments. They also hold some special events such as musical performance and competition.

We watched the fireworks show until finished. After that, we go inside the mall and yess… we did a small shopping and had a very late dinner :). I bought a Skull Tank from TOPSHOP, while my friend bought a jeans from Zara. Actually, I didn’t plan to buy anything, but when I saw that skull tank, I just felt that I had to buy it, hehe… It’s a little bit awkward actually, I don’t like something horror, but I bought a “skull” t-shirt :P. At around 11.30 PM, we then went home.

 Here are some pics I took at Central Park.

A very huge glittering xmas tree at Central Park

Inside the mall

The "Grey Skull Tank", bought from Topshop
(terrible, isn't it? hehe)

This 10-hours Saturday hangout was so great for me, coz it could entertain and cheer me up. At least, on the weekend, I had a close friend to spend time with, to talk to, to laugh together, and to forget the sadness n problem that currently i face. Although there's no one and nothing can solve my problem except my own self, but I was so happy that during weekend I was not alone...
~THANKS A BUNCH, my dear friend (^o^)~

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gingerbread 2.3.3 and Facebook Timeline

Since i got my Sony Ericsson Android phone, X10, more than a year ago, I never update its software, hehe... so lazy. It had Android OS 2.1 (Eclair). And last night, when i surfed SE website, i just found out that the  latest software update for my mobile phone were available, update to Gingerbread 2.3.3 Wow, it's cool! So, without waiting for anything... i backed up some necessary data from my mobile, such as contact list, SMS, WhatsApps, and some notes. After that... tralalaaaa... i upgraded my mobile, and the result was really satisfying me :). And this morning, i re-installed the applications and also installed the other new ones. So FRESH! (^o^).

Besides that, i also just tried the newest feature on Facebook, i.e. the "Facebook Timeline" feature. You can read here for details about this. This feature offers more detail information of our "life and story" on facebook. Besides profile picture, there's now a "cover" on our FB wall, and we can change it as we do to profile pic. Wanna try it? :)

Hmm... i think it's enough to play with my gadget n facebook this Saturday morning :). In the afternoon, I already have an appoinment to meet and hang out with my friend, the one who i just met last Thursday nite. He's still in Jakarta until this weekend. We still don't know where exactly we will go, hehe... we'll decide it after we have lunch later.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Unplanned Hangout :)

Tadinya malam ini mau nulis lanjutan cerita liburan Lombok hari kedua. Akan tetapi, karena gue baru pulang nyampe kosan sekitar jam 45 menit yang lalu (sekitar jam 11 malam), nulisnya di-postpone ke besok-besok deh, hehe.

Pulang kantor tadi gue ketemuan dengan temen deket yang udah lama ga ketemu. Janjian ketemunya juga dadakan. Sekitar jam 10 pagi tadi pas lagi kerja, tiba-tiba dapet SMS dari temen yang kerja di Balikpapan. Dia ternyata sedang ada di Jakarta selama beberapa hari ke depan. Terus kita langsung janjian ketemuan, di Plaza Semanggi jam 6.30 tadi.

Kita pergi makan malam sambil ngobrol ini itu sekitar 2 jam lebih. Makan di Yoshinoya, di food court-nya Semanggi. Abis itu, iseng-iseng lanjut pergi nonton di 21. Film yang lagi diputer cuma "TresPass", "Happy Feet 2", dan "Spy Kids 4".  Kita putusin nonton "TresPass", yang dimulai jam 9.10, dan selesai sekitar jam 10:40.

Film ini sejenis film psychological thriller gitu, dan dibintangi oleh Nicolas Cage dan Nicole Kidman ( Kalau menurutku, filmnya sedikit rada-rada membosankan, apalagi setting lokasinya hanya di satu tempat, yaitu di dalam rumah. Untung pemainnya bintang-bintang Hollywood papan atas, jadi oke-lah urusan perannya :).

Monday, December 12, 2011


Semua kekurangan yg gw miliki, semua kesalahan yg pernah gw lakukan, semua luka dan sakit yg pernah gw rasakan... itulah yang menjadikan gw yang sekarang.

Kalo gw pernah berbuat salah dan menyakiti seseorang, kemudian gw mengakui dg jujur kesalah tersebut, meminta maaf setulus hati sampai puluhan kali, dan tidak pernah mengulanginya lagi;  tapi ternyata orang tersebut malah terus-terusan dendam, men-cap gw sebagai orang paling jahat sedunia, dan bahkan menuding hal-hal buruk lainnya ke gue, maka gw rasa tidak ada alasan lagi buat gw untuk terus-terusan memohon maaf ke orang tersebut.

Biar Tuhan yang mengurus segalanya.
Gw yakin, Tuhan Maha Pemaaf.
Dan gw akan terus berdo'a, semoga Tuhan menyembuhkan rasa sakit orang tersebut (sekaligus menyadarkannya bahwa MANUSIA itu bukanlah MALAIKAT yg tidak pernah punya salah).

Gw sadar, gw bukan orang yang sempurna dan bukan orang yang terbebas dari perbuatan salah.
Karenanya, gw tidak pernah meminta Tuhan untuk memberi gw seseorang yang sempurna, karena makhluk yang sempurna itu tidak ada.

(Hanya saja, memang ada sebagian orang di dunia ini yang merasa dirinya sempurna, dan mengharapkan orang lain menjadi sempurna pula. Dan juga, ada orang yang lebih menyenangi "senyuman di atas kebohongan" dibanding "tangisan di atas kejujuran")

Gw hanya minta ke Tuhan supaya gw diberi seseorang, seorang pendamping hidup yang mau menerima dan mencintai semua ketidaksempurnaan gw.

Gw tidak menyesal sama sekali telah melepaskan orang itu dari kehidupan gw, karena gw lebih memilih "JUJUR meski menyakitkan" daripdada "TERSENYUM di atas kebohongan"
Gw rela Tuhan menjauhkan dan mengambil dia dari kehidupan gw, karena gw sadar bahwa itu artinya dia bukan seseorang yang selama ini gw minta ke Tuhan.


Gw yakin, Tuhan Maha Tahu apa dan siapa yang terbaik buat gw.
Dan juga sebaliknya, Tuhan Maha Tahu apa dan siapa yang terbaik buat dia.

Kesempurnaan hanya milik Tuhan.

(Semoga Tuhan menyadarkan orang-orang sombong, yg dari mulutnya tidak pernah terucap kata "maaf", tidak menghargai kejujuran, dan selalu merasa dirinya paling benar tanpa salah. Dan semoga Tuhan menjauhkan gue dari penyakit-2 hati seperti itu. Amiin).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Training & Kuliner di Bandung

Ngomong-ngomong tentang training di Bandung Kamis-Jumat lalu, gue jadi pengen sharing tentang wisata kuliner di sana. Hehe, bukannya sharing tentang trainingnya ya? Oke deh, gue ulas dulu sedikit sebelum ngebahas makanan :P.

Topik trainingnya tentang salahsatu network performance mangement tool (software & hardware) bernama Netscout. Perangkat Netscout ini kita install di beberapa platform seperti SGSN/GGSN (yang handle trafik data/GPRS), SMS Gateway, dan RBT (Ring Back Tone). Sesuai fungsinya, dengan perangkat ini, kita bisa memantau atau memonitor kinerja platform-platform tersebut. Selain Netscout, masih banyak perangkat dengan merk lainnya yang punya fungsi sejenis.

Peserta training ada sekitar 12 orang, dan kebetulan dari bagian network atau bagian teknikal semua. Tempat trainingnya di gedung XL Bandung Network Building (BNB), dan nginepnya di Hotel Jayakarta. Rada lucu sih, BNB posisinya di Jl. Sukarno Hatta, sedangkan hotelnya di Dago Atas, hehe. Mantep abis deh perjalanan dari hotel ke tempat trainingnya, satu jam lebih sekali jalan :).

Berhubung selama training kita makan siang dan makan malam di luar terus, jadi ada sekitar 3 tempat makan yang kita datangin selama 2 hari di Bandung. Kalau sarapan, udah disiapin di hotel seperti biasa.

Kita pergi dari Jakarta Rabu malam sekitar jam 8, dan sebelumnya ngisi perut bareng-bareng di Dapur Sunda, Bellagio - Mega Kuningan, deket kantor. Sesuai namanya, yang kita makan masakan Sunda semua, yaitu Gurame bakar, Cumi Tepung goreng, Goreng telor pake tahu, Tumis kangkus, Karedok, dan minumnya berbagai jenis jus segar.

Wisata kuliner di Bandung-nya dimulai di hari Kamis siang. Kita pergi ke Rumah Makan Cibiuk di Jl. Sukarno Hatta. Yess, ini adalah rumah makan Sunda juga :). Yang kita pesen tidak jauh beda dengan yg sebelumnya kita makan di Dapur Sunda. Kali ini, kita ada tambahan menu belut goreng, sate ayam dan sate kambing. Minumannya banyak yang pesen Es Durian. Rada unik, es duriannya disimpen di kelapa yang sudah diambil air dan dagingnya. Duriannya berupa durian utuh. Sayang, saat itu duriannya ga begitu manis. But anyway, secara keseluruhan, masakan di Cibiuk ini oke :). Di sini, mereka juga jualan berbagai jenis coklat. Gue tertarik dengan coklat jahe-nya, jadi beli 3 macam coklat jahe (coklat susu, coklat putih, dan coklat hitam, rasa jahe semua), ditambah 2 coklat original.

Pas makan malam, kita pergi ke The Valley, di Dago Pakar. Disini, makanan dan minumannya disajikan dengan sangat-sangat cantik dan menarik. Hehe, seneng deh fotoin makanan dan minumannya.... lucu-lucuuuu. Anak-anak banyak yang kembali pesen durian (jus durian), sayangnya... jus duriannya pas lagi kosong waktu itu, jadinya diganti dengan aneka minuman lainnya. Kalo makannya, rata-rata pada milih makan steak sapi, ayam, dan pizza. Ini kali kedua gue kesini, yang pertama di taun 2007, bareng temen-temen kantor juga waktu itu.

Di hari kedua, kita pergi makan siang sangat-sangat telat. Jam 12 kurang, materi training udah selesai (dipadetin di hari Kamis materinya), kemudian anak-anak cowok pergi shalat Jum'at (cewenya cuma 2 orang, dan sisanya 11 orang cowok). Selesai shalat Jum'at sekitar jam setengah satu-an lebih, kita pergi makan siang. Berhubung ada yang pengen foto-foto ke Lembang, sekalian aja kita pergi makannya di Setiabudi. Hehe, lumayan lama juga nahan lapernya. Perjalanan dari Sukarno-Hatta sampe Setiabudi hampir 1,5 jam gara-gara kena macet. Kita makan di Warung Ma Uneh, Setiabudi. Lagi-lagi, makanan Sunda, hihii... Sebagian besar pada makan sop buntut, mendoan, dan udang goreng. Minumnya, jreng-jreng... Jus Durian lagi dong (^o^). Kali ini, rasa duriannya mantap abissss... puas poll deh semuanya, "mabok durian" di Bandung, hahaa... :D.

Abis makan, kita lanjut naik ke atas, ke arah Lembang. Sayangnya, tiba-tiba turun ujan cukup deras sebelum kita sampai di Lembang.  Akhirnya kita putuskan untuk balik ke bawah, dan pergi ke Paris van Java sebelum pulang ke Jakarta. Nyampe di PVJ sekitar jam 4 sore, jalan-jalan bentar, dan jam 5 lebih kita lanjut pulang ke Jakarta lewat tol Cipularang. Dan seperti biasa, di rest area km 97, kita berhenti untuk shalat magrib, istirahat sambil ngopi dan ngemil, dan tentu saja... beli oleh-oleh :). Nyampe Jakarta sekitar jam 9 malem, dan kita di-drop semua  di kantor.

Kalau dipikir-pikir, dalam 2 hari itu, porsi trainingnya total hanya sekitar 8 jam saja. Lama di jalan dari hotel ke tempat trainingnya, hehe... (^o^).

O ya, berikut ini alamat-alamat keempat tempat makan yang gue ceritain barusan:

RM. Dapur Sunda
Bellagio Butik Mall
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950

RM. Cibiuk
Jl Soekarno Hatta 508
Batununggal, Bandung 40266
Tel: 022-69596000

The Valley Bistro Cafe & Resort Hotel
Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28
Dago Pakar, Bandung
Tel: 022-2531053

RM. Ma Uneh
Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 159
Cibeunying, Bandung 40153
Tel: 022-2011859

PictFest 2011... Pict Out Loud!

Hari Kamis dan Jum'at lalu gue ada training di Bandung. Tadinya, berniat mau extend sampai Minggu buat maen dan jalan-jalan, dan ngajakin adik gue yang di Tasik buat datang ke Bandung di hari Sabtu.  Giliran adik gue dan temennya udah OK buat maen ke Bandung, gue-nya di Jum'at sore berubah pikiran. Karena ngerasa ga enak badan dan serasa cape banget, gue putusin ikut balik ke Jakarta dengan rombongan training di Jum'at malamnya. Mungkin sisa-sisa cape dari Lombok beberapa hari sebelumnya masih nempel. Adik gue - Gina - dan temennya tetep jadi ke Bandung di hari Sabtu, mereka pergi jalan sekaligus ada sesuatu yang juga mau dibeli di sana. So, gue ga ngerasa bersalah banget udah "ngerayu" mereka datang ke Bandung, sedangkan gue-nya batal, hehe.. :).

Niatnya hari Sabtu itu pengen beres-beres kamar dan istirahat doang, ga pergi kemana-mana. Cuma, pas Jum'at malam nyampe kosan dan siap-siap mo tidur, gue iseng-iseng cek facebook dari hape, dan ga sengaja baca status salahsatu temen kantor, Chusen Aun. Statusnya ngasih tau ada acara workshop tentang travel photography di acara PictFest2011 buat hari Sabtu. Penasaran dooong gue, jadinya langsung nyalain laptop dan browsing cari info tentang PictFest ini. Begitu dapet infonya, langsung deh gue putusin Sabtu wajib datang, banyak acara dan workshop gratis. Hehe... lumayan kan buat nambah-nambah ilmu. Bisa cek di sini ya kalo pengen tau lebih detail

O ya, Chusen ini temen kantor gue yang selain pecinta alam, tukang keliling ke tempat-tempat yg indah di Nusantara, dia juga tukang "nyelam" dan seorang fotografer yahud. Foto-fotonya dia keren abis, terutama foto-foto landscape-nya... hehe, bikin ngiler :). Ups, kok gue jadi promosiin Chusen ya, hihihi... asli loh, gue ga dibayar apapun sama dia. Gue cuma seneng n kagum aja dg foto-foto landscape-nya, dan yang paling utama... gue sering banget ngiri dot com karena dia sering banget jalan-jalan keliling nusantara dan pergi nyelam, haha.. :D

PictFest 2011... Pict Out Loud!

Salahsatu stage di PictFest2011

Jadi deh, setelah selsei beres-beres kamar, Sabtu siang jam stengah 3-an gue segera meluncur ke FX Sudirman, dan "keluyuran" di situ sampe jam 9 malam. Hehe, 6 jam man ngeluyur dalam mall! Di acara PictFest ini, banyak banget acara workshop yang temanya berkaitan dengan fotograpi, dan semuanya gratis! Dari sekian banyak workshop, cuma 3 yang sempet gue ikutin. Yang pertama, workshop bertema "Travel Photography", diadain oleh Indonesian Geographic. Kemudian disambung "Underwater Photography", dari DiveMag Indonesia, pembicaranya Mas Pinneng. Dan workshop ketiga yang gue ikutin adalah "Fotografi di Film Layar Lebar", dari Republik Twitter, dengan pembicara Mba Ve Dhanito (huks, mba Ve lucu dan cantik banget deh... gue sampe betah ngeliatin wajahnya. Webnya mba Ve di

Meski cuma workshop singkat (per workshop lamanya cuma 1 jam), tapi sangat bermanfaat dan cukup nambah wawasan buat kita. Masing-masing pembicara menyampaikan informasi berdasarkan pengalaman langsung mereka di lapangan, jadi informasinya terasa "hidup" banget.

Partisipan di acara PictFest ini juga sangat banyak, cuma sayangnya gue ga sempet ngedatengin semua both-both yang ada. Yang sempat gue datengin cuma booth-nya ANTARAFoto, FotoDroids, PictureMe, Blogger BHI,, Republik Twitter, Indonesian Geographic, Indonesia 7 Wonders, dan Lubang Jarum. Selain dapat pengetahuan dari nanya-nanya ke mba-mba dan mas-mas yang jaga booth, gue juga dapat stiker dan pin gratis :).

Kalo pengen tau lebih banyak tentang lembaga-lembaga yang gue sebutin itu, tinggal googling aja dan baca-baca webnya. Dan khusus kalo kita pengen tau lebih banyak tentang fotografi landscape dan keindahan alam Indonesia, bisa cek web dan Atau cek untuk mengetahui lebih detail tentang proses pemilihan 7 keajaiban Indonesia. (Ternyata, ada beberapa temen kantor gue yang aktif di ID-Geo dan ID-7Wonders ini; dan di kantor, mereka aktif di club XL-Adventure, club-nya orang-orang pecinta alam yang hobi ngunjungin tempat-tempat indah di nusantara. Selain Chusen yg udah gue bahas di atas, temen lainnya David Rempe dan Mba Siska. Keren deh orang-orang ini...)

Berfoto di depan boot Indonesian Geographic dan Indonesia 7 Wonders
(foto by David Rempe, temen kantor gue yg aktif di Indonesia 7 Wonders)

Makan malam, plus beberapa stiker yg didapat dari beberapa booth yg ge kunjungin

Sekitar jam setengah tujuh-an, gue makan malam di Fiesta Steak, makan Fish'n'Chips dan minum Thai Ice Tea. Dan sebelum pulang, gue sempetin bentar buat belanja makanan ke Food Hall. Jam 9 kelar, cuma ga bisa langsung pulang. Huks..hukss.... ngantri nugguin taxi sampe 1 jam (-__-), gara-gara hujan gede. Pas jam 10 baru deh dapet taxi buat pulang. Alhamdulillah... (*0*)

Two thumbs up deh buat event PictFest 2011 ini, kerreeeeeennn.... and thanks a bunch buat workshop-workshop gratisnya \(^o^)/.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lombok Bukan Cabe... ^^

Hey, alhamdulillah liburan ke Lombok jadi juga, dan so far lancar jaya... :). Berangkat Jum'at sore, dan pulang Senin malam kemarin. Huhuhuuuuuu.... Lombok cantik banget!

Berhubung besok gue udah harus pergi lagi, yaitu ke Bandung, ada training 2 hari disana, jadinya belum sempet nulis cerita selama perjalanan liburan ke Lombok kemarin. Moga-moga, pulang dari Bandung bisa langsung nulis, dan juga milih-milih foto yang layak di-upload, hehe...

As a short introduction, ini dia oleh-oleh Lombok yang setidaknya akan nempel di tubuh gue selama 2 minggu ke depan, hehe... TATTOO temporer. Tatonya gambar sepasang Lumba-lumba. Hihi.. mentang-mentang gue berbintang Pisces, langsung milih gambar ikan. Mustinya gambar Tokek nh, lambangnya pulau Lombok.

Plus, berikut ini adalah peserta acara jalan-jalan ke Lombok, ber-13. Rame bangeeeeeett.... great vacation pokoknya! I Love LOMBOK... \(^O^)/

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